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Do Fatter Asses Lead to Bigger Slogans?

One of my guilty pleasure online destinations is the British-based Sun Newspaper (and it’s not for the Page 3 girl). I find the entertainment gossip amusing, the football (soccer) news occasionally informative and the headline & copy writing a real treat..

Today, I can across this story that reported on London Olympic facility designers making seats bigger because, well, spectator’s seats are bigger. That is, people are getting fatter and the stadium seating needs to be more spacious to accommodate them.

To quote:

OLYMPICS chiefs have ordered super-sized seats for London’s 2012 Games — because fans are getting FATTER.

All 20,000 chairs at the capital’s gleaming new Aquatic Centre will be 4cm wider and 5cm deeper than originally planned.

Organisers agreed to the changes after talks with stadium designers, who warned normal-sized seats would be unable to cope with a bulkier UK population by 2012.

It would be my personal hope that people interested in attending sporting events would themselves be participants in physical activities and fitness of some sort. But perhaps that is naive and not a particularly well-supported position if you’ve been to an NFL football game (where, at least, pant seams are well-supported).

So…my challenge is to consider how this will be marketed. After all, the honest truth (Built Ford tough???) will hardly endear fans to the games organizers. Setting aside that there is now more space on the seats for corporate advertisers to flog their wares, I’ve jotted down potential slogans/pitches:

– Olympic-sized seats for Olympic-sized spirit

– Where the only thing spilling over the side is water

– London 2012: The Biggest Games Ever

– Free Deep-fried Mars bar with every seat purchase

And so on….These are off the top of my head. Thoughtful suggestions welcome as well…

P.S. Obesity is a serious issue and this is not a good sign for us all.

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The Apologetic Blogger or I Know What I’m Not Doing This Summer

I’ve noticed a trend among certain blogs I read – the post apologizing for a lack of activity. Never one to want to be left out….here’s mine.

It’s summer. There’s vacations. Great events in the city. Opportunities to escape the city to cottage country. Golf. Etc. Etc. Etc. Seeing as I’m not making money of this blog, I feel no obligation to satisfy any stakeholders  or other regulatory bodies. I would hope that those who do read this are out enjoying the summer rather than waiting patiently for my latest post.

This is my summer hiatus as I work on next season’s scripts, develop the promotional strategy, enter pre-production, record episodes that will kick off the fall with a bang. I may test the waters with some pilots of things I’m hoping to develop later.

True, I’m not a major network and the always-on internet means you can find me even if I’m not broadcasting new episodes. Infrequent posting doesn’t make for good conversations. I’m well aware of that, but sometimes its good to just listen and take it what’s going on around you.

I’ll get back in the groove, but for now I’m going to enjoy the sun & heat. Cuz there’ll be plenty of time to spend in front of the computer during the winter. We’ll soon return to regularly scheduled programming.

PS. I’ve cross-posted this on my Marcomedy blog b/c it allows me to use another tv phrase…a simulcast.

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Refreshingly Honest Obituary or This really is your life.

Hat-tip to Matthew Ingram for pointing out the Best.Obituary.Ever.

Obituaries, unlike eulogies, aren’t bound to the convention of presenting the deceased in the best possible light. In fact, good ones are highly accurate accounts of an individual’s life & impact – whatever it may be. However, it’s still common for them to paint a favourable portrait as the person writing them is often intimately acquainted with the person (friend, family, etc..).

So what to make of one that starts:

Count Gottfried von Bismarck, who was found dead on Monday aged 44, was a louche German aristocrat with a multi-faceted history as a pleasure-seeking heroin addict, hell-raising alcoholic, flamboyant waster and a reckless and extravagant host of homosexual orgies.

and ends:

He never married.

You can find the full obituary here. It’s definitely worth reading.

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