Olympic Spirit or Spirits?

Tip of the old hat to Seth Godin for pointing out a great (?) example of the kind of marketing jibberish that plagues the industry and makes us seem like absolute wankers to many in the general public.

Cribbing from this post, here’s a quote from Lord Coe on the subject of the just unvieled London 2012 Olympic logo:

"This is the vision at the very heart of our brand," said London 2012 organising committee chairman Seb Coe."It will define the venues we build and the Games we hold and act as a reminder of our promise to use the Olympic spirit to inspire everyone and reach out to young people around the world. It is an invitation to take part and be involved."

Here’s the logo that is being referred to:

The logo is to hangovers as Lord Coe’s words are to drunken slur-mons.

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